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Yoga is an ancient and traditional practice that comes from the Vedas (Hindu scriptures). Yoga synergistically encompasses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being. It is a discipline made up of 8 limbs: 

  1.  Yama - Restraints, moral disciplines and moral views

  2. Niyama - Rules of personal behavior

  3. Asana - Posture practice

  4. Pranayama - Breathing techniques

  5. Pratyahara - Withdrawal of the senses

  6. Dharana - Focused concentration

  7. Dhyana - Meditation practice

  8. Samadhi - Bliss or Enlightenment: merging with the divine

Yoga is a lifestyle, life long journey and practice that brings heightened awareness of the self. It cultivates stillness and mindfulness in our daily lives as we get to know ourselves and who we truly are, better, through this new sense of awareness. This then cultivates more intention and purpose within the self leading to a more satisfying, fulfilled, and joyous life. 

Yoga sessions are taught Vinyasa style which simply translates to the weaving together of poses and breath to flow from one pose to another. It is a fluid physical and energetic practice that fires up and activates the Prana - Life Force Energy - within us. 

All yoga classes incorporate a mediation to live sound bowls, breathing techniques, Vinyasa flow and aromatherapy. This is currently only offered in person.