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The Manifestation Tribe 

A monthly Manifestation Membership designed to provide you with all the spiritual tools and energetic practices that will help you tap into your intuition, heal, clear blockages and access your Higher Self to get you into energetic and physical alignment with your intentions, so you can consistently begin Manifesting the life you desire!

Each month will follow a similar structure but will offer new content and materials so your Manifestation practice stays fresh and fun all while being aligned to the Solar and Lunar energetic cycles. The Manifestation Tribe follows and is designed to align and work with both the energies of the Sun and Moon so you can learn how to Manifest with ease and flow of energy as we make our way through each Zodiac Season of the year.

When we become aware of and learn how to work with the energy that is available to us, we start to feel less resistance in our manifestations and more flow, allowance and acceptance in our Manifestation journey. We become aligned and in tune with the energy around us and within us so much that we learn how to work with the Universal Law of Attraction and intuitively know when is the right time to set intentions, to start new projects, to release attachments, to heal old wounds, to reflect and integrate and when to take inspired action. All of this and so much more is part of Manifesting with intention and it will all be covered as we move through the Astrological Year in the Manifestation Tribe. 

This is YOUR invitation to join me in saying YES to your dreams and desires inside The Tribe! When you join the Manifestation Tribe you will have access to all of the following Manifestation materials and content, available anytime, anywhere at the touch of your fingertips through the Manifestation Tribe Member Portal:


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Pre- Recorded New & Full Moon Manifestation Rituals

You get access to my uniquely and magically curated New and Full Moon Manifestation Rituals that are provided to you for every New and Full Moon of the month. Rituals are pre-recorded, over Zoom and is sent out to you via email and also uploaded in the member community page. Manifesting with the Moon is one of my strongest, most powerful ways to Manifest! 

$44.44 Value


Monthly Manifestation Activation Call w/ Nay

As part of the Tribe, you get 1 live group Manifestation Coaching call with me where I will go deep into specific and different, Manifestation topics each month. These calls are meant to educate you, activate you, inspire you and allow room for you to come with your Manifestation questions for me to answer directly so you can leave with some direction right from there! This call will be held over Zoom and a replay will be sent out to you.

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$88 Value

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Monthly Tarot Reading w/ Card Pulls for Each Sign

This is a pre-recorded Soul Guidance Tarot reading structured to cover the energy of each Astrological Sun Season. This reading is general for you and all other members so as a way to provide a more personal and direct message, I also pull Oracle and Tarot Cards for each sign. Time stamps are provided so you can easily navigate to your Sun, Moon and Rising signs for deeper and more specific Soul Guidance.

$100 Value


Reiki Infused Sound Healing Meditation

Each month you'll get access to a new Reiki Energy infused Sound Healing Mediation. This will be an audio recording of me channeling Manifestation energy and allowing it to flow through me and guide how I play my Higher Chakra Crystal Quartz Sound Bowls. These sound bowls emit high vibrational frequencies, sounds and energies that resonate with us on a cellular level and have profound healing effects on our physical and energetic bodies. These Sound Healing Meditations are energetic attunements that bring you into alignment by raising your vibration through the frequencies emitted. From a place of energetic alignment you can manifest and attract into your reality your manifested intentions much quicker!

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$22.22 Value


Manifestation Journaling Prompts

Each month will bring you new and intentional Manifestation Journaling Prompts designed to make you pause, reflect, think, plan, dream, set intentions and basically all of it, when it comes to your intentions. These prompts are aligned to the energy of the Sun Season so you can really work with its medicine and have breakthroughs and revelations as you allow your ideas, thoughts and words to flow through you.

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$22.22 Value

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Manifestation Affirmations

You'll also receive Affirmations for each Astro Season that will be centered around the energies of the Astrological season we are in. These are designed to help reprogram your conscious and subconscious brain to align to and match the higher frequencies of the Manifestation energies available to us that align with the energies of the sign we are in!

$11 Value

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Crystals of the month, Tarot/Oracle Spreads & More!

You will also receive access to additional Manifestation tools and educational content. You'll learn what crystals to use in your manifestation work each Sun and Moon cycle, you'll learn which Major Arcana Tarot Card is ruled by the Sun Season we're in and will also receive a channelled tarot/oracle card spread with intentional inquiries for you to receive direction from your own Divine Soul Guidance. These extras are designed to get you working with divination tools and trusting your intuition more!

$12.12 Value


Your Manifested Intentions & An Upgraded Life!

With a consistent Manifestation practice you will see major improvements in your Manifestations and will begin to experience big shifts in your reality as your Manifestations start coming to life right before your eyes! That is the result of all the energetic alignment work we will be doing each Sun Season and Lunar Cycle inside the Manifestation Tribe!

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*Membership is $11.11 a month and can be cancelled at anytime*

Want more personal, dedicated, Manifestation Coaching, Support and Guidance?

Manifestation Tribe members get an exclusive discount to my NEW 1 on 1 Manifestation Coaching Container opened from July - September 2021! Applications are being accepted through June 30 and there are only 5 Coaching Spots open. This Coaching container is designed to help you take your manifestations to the next level so you can you quantum leap and transform your life in our 3 months together! Are you ready to UPLEVEL your life and own your worth?
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