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Here are some testimonials both anonymous from feedback forms and direct from personal messages

You popped up on my Instagram feed and I am so glad  decided to join in for your full moon event. I felt very good after it and I can't wait for the next one. I try to meditate at least once a day and this was the first time I really felt grounded and at peace in awhile. I resonated will your tarot card reading all the way through. It was crazy, it felt like you were pulling cards just for me and cant wait to see what this month brings.

Kyle B.

I am so glad I did this flow because all week I was feeling so drained and so down and I couldn’t shake it off. I stopped working out I stopped meditating I stopped doing yoga, I just needed a break. My anxiety was so bad of course with with all the current events and personal things as well. Saturday morning after doing the flow I felt a little better a little more lifted and my energy is slowly coming back. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. I invited some friends and they were so amazed and inspired.


After my reiki healing session with Naomi, I felt so grounded and relaxed. I didn't know about reiki before. I had reached out to Naomi because I wanted to start my meditation practice again. She introduced me to reiki healing and from now on I can't live without reiki! Naomi is a blessing in my life, she's the best, thank you!

Kiaurys M.

My reiki session with Naomi was scheduled a couple days after I sustained a traumatic fall practicing an acrobatic pole sport routine for a competition. Not only was I in physical pain from a minor head injury, but I was also experiencing high anxiety, sadness and a great amount of fear surrounding my competition routine. Thankfully, Naomi's energy instantly calmed me down the moment I walked through her doors. We spoke about what parts of my body hurt and how I was feeling about my accident right before my session. As Naomi was performing the reiki session on me I could feel this amazing heat energy radiating out of the parts of my body that were most impacted by my fall and felt the pain and tension begin to alleviate. But more importantly, I felt like the traumatic flashbacks of my fall were starting to be whisked away. It felt like my worries were going elsewhere and were being replaced with this loving, strong, empowered, bold and capable energy. It was as if my programmed fears were being replaced with this new found determination to go back to training my sport once I was physically able to. At one point I began to cry because I could feel those fear blockages being worked on and Naomi reassured me that it was okay and to cry if I needed to... she even gave me tissues right after. We followed up the reiki session with a tarot card reading which reaffirmed a lot of the guided messages I received during reiki, which was so amazing and Naomi did a great job in explaining what the cards were presenting. I honestly can't even put into written words how out of this world the session felt, it's something that you have to experience for yourself in order to understand. I'm so incredibly grateful to have had Naomi's energy work available to me on a day that I needed it more than I could have ever realized.

Nia Vox