The Moon Tribe Membership

The Moon Tribe Membership

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Are you tired of knowing there is more out there for you but don’t know how to access it or get to it?


Do you feel stuck or stagnant in your life and wonder what the purpose of it all is?


Do you wish you could manifest more money, happiness, abundance, love, joy ir any blessing you desire, in your life?

Do you know you have unlocked potential  and purpose within you wanting to burst out of you?


Do you know that you can manifest the reality you want with all of your intentions and dreams realized?


Do you know that when you stick to your spiritual work and commit to your intentions that everything begins to flow for you?


Do you want to heal those wounds deep within that may be what is keeping you from manifesting the life you want?


Are you ready to start living life in alignment with your highest self and highest manifestations of your dreams and intentions?


Welcome to the Moon Tribe! 


This is a safe and sacred space for your healing, intention setting, manifestation and inner magic. 


This monthly membership will provide you with intentional tools, rituals and practices every month to keep you in vibrational alignment with all you want to manifest and create in your life. This is intended to help you access and connect to your highest self through the healing containers held within this membership. Every component of the membership is designed to support and empower you to be the best version of yourself so you can see and access your unlimited manifesting potential!


This monthly manifestation practice includes the following amazing perks:

🌙 Virtual new & full moon rituals w/ replay ($44.44 value)
💻 Monthly manifesting activation calls w/ replay ($33 value)
🔮 Tarot reading recording for each astrological sun season ($60 value)
✨ Tarot & oracle message recording for each zodiac sign ($100 value )
❤️ Monthly affirmations ($20 value)
📝 Reflection/Journaling prompts ($20 value)


This membership offering insane value for all that you get included! You can cancel at any time.


Your time is NOW!


See you inside the tribe xoxo!


Nay 💫

  • Monthly Manifestations

    Monthly membership designed to support your highest manifestations.

  • Cancellation & Refund Policy

    Monthly membership can be cancelled at anytime. No refunds on any paid months that were not cancelled.

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The Moon Tribe
Monthly Manifestation Membership
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