Libra Full Moon Manifestation Ritual 3/28/21  

Pre - Recorded


A full moon manifestation ritual event recorded for the Full Moon in Libra that takes place on 3/28/21.

*If you're in the Manifestation Tribe, this is included in your monthly membership of $11.11 and has already been uploaded to the Manifestation Tribe Member Portal.*

This event is a guided, self loving, nurturing and healing practice that aligns with the Moon’s energy and is designed to help you clear blocks so you can manifest with ease. I have pre-recorded this ritual as I will be out of town for this moon. 


This Moon Ritual will consist of:

🌙 Moon Energy Update

📝 Intention Setting Exercise

🤸🏽‍♀️ Gentle Yoga Stretching

🧘🏽‍♀️ Crystal Sound Bowl Meditation

👐🏽 Distance Reiki Healing

🔮 Full Moon Energy Tarot Reading


This Full Moon is in the balanced and just sign of Libra. Libra energy is all about equality, justice, balance, harmony, relationships, truth and karmic balance. This full moon is an invitation from the cosmos to identify what in your life is out of alignment so that you can start taking the steps you need to take to find your alignment and balance. 


This moon doesn't want you to dim your light or play it small any longer. It is shining the light on those areas of your life where things aren't right, where things may be toxic or simply stagnant and asking that you resolve to make changes at once.


We can use this moon's energy to be bold and cut away what isn't serving us with our own sword of truth - super Libra style! You can truly liberate yourself from negative attachments and set intentions to prioritize yourself, accept what is and surrender what is out of your control for clearing and releasing. 


Please be ready with a piece of paper and pen, a yoga mat, some comfy yoga clothes, and keep a blanket and pillow near for the distance Reiki segment. If you have any favorite crystals, grab those too as they amplify the energetic effects of all the magic we will experience!


Once you sign up, an email confirmation will be sent to you. You'll receive access to the recording immediately, however, I recommend you do this ritual on the day of the full moon in Libra, 3/28/21. It can also be done 2 days before or after to really work with this exact moons energy. However, the magic and healing energy of it will always be packaged in the container of the video so it can be watched whenever and have the same energetic healing effects as all energy transcends space and time.




Nay 🌙