Join me on 5/22 at 7 pm EST for some high, healing vibes as I lead the collective through this exciting, Gemini New Moon Flow.

I am honored to hold this virtual space for us to come together as a community to experience the magic of these Moon Flow Events. We dive into the current astrology and discuss the energy of this specific moon. This will help us understand some of what’s going on energetically, all around us and within us.

The Moon Flow is a sacred ritual practice done at every New and Full Moon of each month and so each Moon Flow is very unique and special in the healing, medicine, and guidance that it offers.

This Moon Flow will consist of:

Intention Setting Ritual
New Moon in Gemini Meditation
Yoga Flow
Distance Reiki
New Moon Energy Tarot Reading

We will work with the energies of the New Moon in Gemini which, is all about our intellect, articulation, expression, inspiration and ideas. Gemini is also the twins of the horoscope and they represent mirror energy - meaning, Gemini energy can expose to us our light, our shadows, our triggers and any other part of ourselves that needs our love and attention as if we were looking in a mirror and seeing these parts reflecting back at us. 

This moon brings us creative energy, rapid motion and an invitation for true expression of the self. We will work to embody the Gemini energies and explore those parts of us that need to be honored, loved, shared and expressed so we may live a more authentic and exciting life in the pursuit of whatever makes us happy. We will journey within and focus on aligning ourselves to our creativity and ideas for manifestation. 

I’m so grateful to hold this space for the collective to allow the healing and energetic upgrades that are meant to come through, to come through to all who attend.

Come ready with those intentions, a piece of paper and pen, a yoga mat, some comfy yoga clothes, and keep a blanket and pillow near for the distance Reiki segment. If you have any favorite crystals, grab those too as they amplify the energetic effects of all the magic we will experience!

You can expect to feel aligned, balanced, grounded and zenned out after this blissful event. My goal is to provide you all with peace during your time with me.

Once you sign up, you should have immediate access to the replay.



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