Moon | Magic | Ritual | Astrology | Healing


Moon Flow events are held monthly at the New and Full Moon's of every month. There is one live, in person event and one live, virtual event a month.

Join me monthly in person and/or virtually for some high vibes as I lead the collective group through the following:

  • Astrology energy update

  • Journaling/Intention setting ritual 

  • New/Full moon meditation

  • Yoga flow

  • Reiki:

    • In Person: Reiki infused with aromatherapy, sound & crystal healing.

    • Virtual: Distance Reiki infused with sound healing.

  • ​New/Full moon energy tarot reading

Each Moon Flow is held in a sacred and safe, energetic space and done in ritual to honor the Moon, her energy and her Magic.

Anyone is welcome to join and experience the powerful healing and manifestion effects of these events. Past attendee's rave about how amazing the experience is!

You can expect to leave each event feeling aligned, balanced, and grounded after the magical experience of each unique Moon Flow. Other side effects may include feeling, inspired, motivated and confident!

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Here are some testimonials both anonymous from feedback forms and direct from personal messages

It was such a beautiful flow and I felt so calm and recharged afterwards. Even my dog enjoyed the meditation and Reiki!


This session was great! Can’t wait until the next full moon flow! This is something I think everyone should try.. I learned so much! Thank you so much starseed! Blessed are those who great to experience this!


Loved your pace, your especial articulation of the reading, and the energy you offered us. Thank you so very much!



You’re amazing and I truly thank you for sharing this beautiful practice that has changed my life.


Naomi's Moon Flow events

 are amazing and powerful! I will be there every month! 


Beautiful practice! Please continue the warm, nourishing vibes and openness!



From start to finish, I felt connected. I downloaded so much information during and after the event. I felt aligned, at peace and connected. Thank you so much for sharing your energy with me ✌🏼❤️📿🔮


The Moon Flow event was incredible and very calming. Absolutely amazing!

Eli F.

During the tarot reading I was very emotional! I felt as if you were just talking to me. Thank you ! We are all blessed with having a soul like yours help us through our journeys



Overall, really enjoyed!! Thanks for holding this space to encourage us to care for ourselves. Happy new moon!


Great event! Timing for intention setting, yoga, reiki, and tarot cards was perfect. Keep up the great work!


I felt very relaxed after everything. The tarot reading was so spot on with everything going on in my life. Will keep doing these ❤️