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Tarot is a wonderful and insightful divination tool used to bring clarity and understanding into any situation or question one may need guidance on. It is an intuitive, esoteric practice carrying many interpretations, symbolisms and meanings derived from the Kabbalah and the esoteric secrets of Ancient Egyptian Priests.

In my tarot readings, I also use oracle decks which provide broader energies over the more specific messages we would get from the Tarot. Together, both the Tarot and Oracle decks provide a comprehensive message with clearer direction and guidance regarding your question/situation. 

Depending on the question/situation, I’ll select the oracle decks I think are most appropriate to use in the reading. I use my pendulum to confirm all the cards through my spirit guides. Lastly, I intuitively channel the messages and guidance that are coming up from the cards and my guides.

As my readings go very deep, they typically are about an hour in length. This is offered in person and virtually.



Here are some testimonials both anonymous from feedback forms and direct from personal messages

Naomi was phenomenal! I am someone who had little understanding of what a tarot reading was and she took the time to thoroughly explain everything from beginning to end. She explained the history of the tarot before we began, then went into depth with each card. She was also extremely responsive when I had a few questions after the reading. Highly recommend!!! You won’t regret it :)

- Anonymous

Naomi's tarot reading was so good and she is so right with her guidance! She was reading directly to me, I had been in a funk and she really helped me elevate up and out of it so I could move forward without doubting myself and my decisions. I love her whole vibe and after implementing her advice, I'm no longer stuck in the past and am finally out of the funk and loving life again! Thank you Naomi!

- Pedro