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Get deeper insight into any question, relationship or situation. Find the answers that are already lying within you, calling you to bring awareness to them. Tarot is a wonderful divination tool for connecting to guidance from our higher selves through our spirit guides. The cards bring a message and I intuitively channel that guidance and what that means for you.

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Monthly live and virtual Moon Flow events honoring the new and full moons of every month in sacred ritual. Each event includes an astrology energy update, intention setting exercise, live Tibetan sound bowl meditation, a yoga flow, group or distance reiki for in person and remote events respectively, and a live tarot reading for the collective.

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Heal the energetic and physical bodies with the profound healing powers of Reiki energy. A Reiki session is done with personal intention to release, heal and open up the energetic and physical bodies. This is done in sacred ritual to face fears, heal wounds, release traumas, and restore balance in the self.

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Move the physical and energetic bodies with this ancient Hindu practice. Build physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength, flexibility and endurance with a steady yoga practice. Every yoga session includes a meditation to sound bowls, pranayama - breathing techniques, asana - posture practice, and aromatherapy.

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Naomi's reading really helped save my life. Without her guidance and healing I would have still been in the trenches. I appreciate her, her gifts and all the kindness she has to offer this world!

F. M.

I can't stopping thinking of the tarot reading I did with Naomi. It was so good and insightful. I have recommended friends to her.

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